API Details

Our HTTP API is easy to use - see the documentation here:

LanguageTool HTTP API documentation

Please be aware of some limitations when using the API:

  • The number of requests you can send per day depends on the plan you choose.
  • While the maximum number of characters per request is limited to 40,000, we expect your requests to be no more than 5,000 characters on average.
  • We assume you're not going to send your requests in batches. Thus there's a limit of 100,000 characters per 60 seconds.
  • This API cannot be used to publicly offer a service that is a competitor to LanguageTool Plus. You are, of course, free to use it to enhance your existing apps, tools, and websites.
  • The version of LanguageTool Plus will be updated from time to time, so results might change over time for a given text.
  • If any of these limitations pose a problem for you, just contact us at , and we'll make you an individual offer.
  • Please read our privacy policy to see how we handle your texts. In a nutshell: we don't store your texts. You are responsible for giving your users information about how their data is handled. Contact us if you're interested in an on-premise version.
  • Our plans can be canceled any month by contacting us via email.
  • Contact us if you're interested in a long-term subscription. We offer a 20% discount for yearly upfront payments.